Warning State Farm Home Insurance Customers in Pennsylvania!

Do you have State Farm for your home insurance in Pennsylvania or know anyone who does? You may be unaware of a sneaky change they are making to your home insurance policy on the renewal unless you look closely!

They are increasing your deductible to 1.5% of your dwelling coverage, and offering the option to buyback your existing deductible. This is noted on your renewal bill on the bottom left-hand side in a small paragraph and many people are probably not catching it!  Especially if your policy is billed to your mortgagee- you could be in for quite a surprise if you have a claim and end up with a higher deductible than what you initially agreed on when you signed the original contract!

Call us today at 215-340-1888 or email now for a Free review and quote of your State Farm policy, we will shop your policy with 9 national carriers and keep your deductible where it is now!

state farm home dec renewal

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