Specialty/Other Insurance

Insurance for your restored or collectible car, boat, or motorcycle through one of our specialty carriers. Underwritten by companies like Chubb and Great American, these policies are tailored for the unique risk that they represent.

These types of policies typically offer collision and comprehensive damage coverage at agreed value. Most personal auto policies offer actual cash value settlements, which sets a value for your car based on current market conditions and subtracts a certain amount for depreciation. With agreed value, the value of your vehicle is agreed in advance.

Policy restrictions include but are not limited to:

  • yearly mileage restrictions
  • years of driving experience
  • must be garaged when not in use
  • special events, parades, shows
  • vehicle must be in excellent condition

An antique auto or motorcycle policy is appropriate for households with at least 1 car per driver for “everyday” use, who exhibit great care in their restored vehicle, and have good driving histories. Please contact us to see if your auto qualifies for this type of program. Eligible classes may include:

  • Cars manufactured at least 15 years ago of a collectible nature
  • Exotic vehicles ie: Lotus, Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, Corvette
  • Modified autos
  • Antique autos


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