Prevent Damage to your Home/Building this winter

As we move into cold winter weather, here are a few tips to help prevent damage to your home or building:

  1. Maintain adequate heat to avoid frozen pipes. Be especially careful with any pipes in exposed areas of your home like crawlspaces.
  2. Know where your water shutoff valve is and that it is functioning correctly.  If you have a burst pipe it is critical to shut off the water supply ASAP to minimize damage.  If you are leaving a building for an extended time in cold weather, consider turning off the water supply and have a trusted neighbor or friend check your home regularly.
  3. Make sure rain gutters are clear of leaves and other obstructions.  Clogged gutters can contribute to ice dams where water can be forced up under the roof and into your home causing damage that can be hidden from view.
  4. Recognize the early signs of an ice dam and take action.  Read this excellent resource on ice dams.
  5. If you have a basement sump pump, make sure the discharge line is clear and drains away from your foundation.
  6. Check for and seal any cracks in your foundation where water could infiltrate.

Find more tips for preparing your home for winter weather here.

Ice dam

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