Auto Accident? Steps to Take

Oh no!  You’ve just been in a vehicle collision- what should you do?  Accidents are unexpected and stressful.

Be Prepared- carry road flares, a first aid kit, pen & notepad and a camera in all your vehicles.

First- take a deep breath and do not panic, check for injuries from any involved party and treat those first.  Call 911.

If the vehicles are able to be moved to the side of the road for safety purposes then do it.  Make the scene as safe as possible for all involved. Use your hazard lights or flares.

If there are any witnesses, get their information.  A 3rd party witness is the strongest piece of evidence you can have if the accident is not your fault.  Call the police even if the accident is minor.

DO NOT DISCUSS the accident with anyone other than police if they respond and NEVER ADMIT FAULT.  Document as much as possible of the damage to vehicles and the surrounding area.   Take notes and photos/video with a camera or smartphone.

Notify your insurance agent or company immediately.

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